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2017 Mercedes

Sprinter Van 144"

Here at CapCity Customs, we believe that each build is unique. We work with you to determine a design that will work for your individual needs. As an approved Adventure Wagon installer, we will complete as little or as much of the conversion as you would like. If you would like us to do the heavy lifting and you wish to do the final touches, we’re all about it. If you would like us to complete the conversion from start to finish, we’re all about that as well. Your build is about YOU.

On this particular build, our client wanted us to do the heavy lifting and to lay the groundwork for future improvements. We disassembled the interior and used an Adventure Wagon Sprinter Interior Conversion Kit with full sound and thermal insulation. We installed a mounted l track, 500 watts of solar panels, a diesel-powered heater, Maxx Air fans, and Mule Bags. Although this is a wrap for now, the conversion doesn’t stop there. Our client plans to do additional work on his own. He plans to add an elevator bed and other items to make his van work for him. Adventure Wagon kits are made to evolve with your own personal journey, and we’re thrilled to be along for the ride!

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We offer vehicles ready to enjoy, as well as restoration/customization Services for your vehicle! Whether it's a Custom built Vanagon Syncro with an engine swap, a Rare Porsche 911, or a late model European unit, we are highly selective about our distinguished inventory. If you see it here, it met and likely exceeded our expectations.

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We are a certified Adventure Wagon installer.

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